Alumni Society
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Alumni Society

Alumni Services The Sonship Alumni Association Program (SAAP) is dedicated to the assembling of SSOTF graduates via fundraisers, newsletters, and quarterly communiqués. The thrust of the SAAP is to afford the graduates of SSOTF the opportunity to serve as mentors, models and motivators to the graduating students of SSOTF, thereby ensuring perpetuity of ministry.The purpose of the Sonship Alumni Association Committee (SAAC) is to bring together the organized efforts of the SAAP, to encourage participation more fully in SSOTF, to provide information about SSOTF and to facilitate associations among Alumni of the same club.Informed, interested and influential Alumni bring added strength to SSOTF in its pursuit to become a studentcentered outreach. Thus, the Alumni Committee benefits its members, the SSOTF, and the community, by: * Providing the community with an interpretation of the SSOTF and its goals * Bringing the SSOTF to the community by providing campus speakers when available * Providing opportunities to bring SSOTF alumni together in a social setting, to encourage fellowship among alumni in their geographic areasThe main activity of the Alumni Club is to generate funds via programs sales and monetary gifts. The Alumni will accomplish this by: * Providing quarterly newsletters * Monitor programmed functions * Quarterly mail outs * Website interaction and Social Networking * Regularly scheduled SAAP functions
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